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DriftRock Bay

Snowman with Red Santa Hat, Made of Stacked Stone

$ 34.95 $ 40.00

Snowman! Just like the “real” snowmen you'd find here in the great white north, each rock snowman is unique, handmade, and created from material found in nature. Unlike a “real” snowman, these are made from stone, drilled and doweled for strength, and will last much longer than those made with traditional material!

Each snowman comes complete with carrot nose, scarf, and a red Santa hat. The faces are hand painted, giving each snowman a unique personality. The bottom stone is cut flat so you can confidently place this piece on any flat surface.

Snowmen stand between 5" and 6" tall.

Snowmen are created from three (3) stacked "white" stones. Please allow for differences in shape, size, and shades of "off-white" stones. Scarf style will vary with each snowman.

Price is for one (1) snowman.

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