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About Us

Welcome to DriftRock Bay, specializing in weathered rock and driftwood creations.  Rock lamps, rock vases, and balancing rock wine bottle holders are some of the unique items you will find here.  Each item is inspired by nature and crafted together for a unique addition to your décor.

My name is Gregg VanHorn and I have the great honor of living on the shores of Lake Erie. I learned to swim and sail in its waters. I met my wife on its sandy shores. And now my children are learning to swim and play in the same waters. Lake Erie has provided much joy, and this shop allows me to share some of its beauty. 

I started this shop because of my love of nature.  Whether I’m hiking through the woods, wading through a stream, or walking on the beach, I’m always in awe of the nature around me.  And I’m always on the lookout for the perfect stone!

I have been selling online and at local craft/art shows for about a year, and I love meeting and talking with people who are excited about creating unique ways to bring nature’s beauty into our homes.

Thanks for checking out DriftRock Bay!

Gregg VanHorn